Thursday, March 26, 2009

dreams coming true everyday.... :D

Hello people of the world it's me Tiffany.... I know I totally suck at this whole blogging thing cause I have the worst memory and keep forgetting to update this thing. Sorry! Oh and forgive me this is a bit long! Ok so onward with my life. My little sister came to visit a few weeks ago and it was pretty amazing! We hit all four parks in her three days here and it was glorious. Marilee is pretty darn amazing I just love my little sister she has alot going for her and I am proud to be her older sister! We went and had breakfast at the Grand with Wendi, Tiauna, Mar and myself... haha it was one of the most funniest meals I have ever had, you just gotta love the Mad Hatter. If you ever have the chance to meet him DO IT!!! He is freaking Hilarious!!!! So yes Mar's visit was quite fun and I miss her so! But Cali, Andy, and Chelsey are comin on Wednesday and I am so so so EXCITED! Can't wait to see my niece! It's gunna be glorious!

So I am taking this entertainment professional development class this semester and it is so fan-freaking-tastic. Learning how Disney develops shows and how they go about getting the shows up and running. Every week we have different presenters come in to class and explain their part in the show process. There is this one technical director who has come a few times and his name is Flounder, yes that is what his nametag says Flounder! Ok so in our last class in the classroom(cause this week's class was a trip to a stage, later story) he ended with giving us all tickets to House of Blues for a concert that his band that he plays in. So I was like ok free tickets to a rock concert yeah!! not my everyday listening preference but hey let's live a little. So Tiauna, myself and Alexis my friend from class went and it was really good music, just too loud for my little ears to handle all the time! We were definetly different then all the people who were there and we kept laughing at ourselves through the whole thing! We foud him afterwards and thanked him and as were fightin through the crowd to find him we saw a few things we didn't want to see! AHHH! Then we went and bought TWILIGHT and went home and watched it! YAY!! Love it! Oh and earlier that week we went to watch a movie on the beach for st. patty's day and it became our new hobbie so we went again on Thursday to the Comtemporary and watched HSM3 and made s'mores with more peeps and then went to TGIFridays and had some funtimes! Then went to the dance and danced our hearts out, I miss the dances at our stake center, then it was off to IHOP and partook of the glorious butterscotch pancakes! Thanks friends for makin it fun!

Ok so back to my awesome class that I am takin! So Tuesday was our trip to the Fantasmic stage to take a tour of the whole theater! It was amazing! If you haven't seen the show yet you are missing out! Ok so we toured the booth and then went on the stage, the boat, the basement and saw all the lifts and Vivian(the dragon) and learned all about the show and little secrets here and there! I was in heaven the whole time! I just loved it! So our tour group took longer the all the and as we were talkin at the end with Doiug our guide he was telling us how they do test runs of the show everyday and have to have people ride the lifts just to make sure everything is running right and someone asked if we could ride the lifts and he was like yeah sure it just means their people didn't have to do it. So he said decide who gets to ride and come back at 5 for our test run and we were like yeah!! So half of us didn't want to ride so they wen't to the booth and the other half of us went backstage to ride the lifts for the test run. I was so so excited cause my favorite villian Malificent is in the show and has a huge lift that brings her up as she is turning into the dragon and guess what.... I got to ride her lift during and I was like yes yes and yes!! This is the closest I will get to playing her and it was AMAZING!!!! We were all like little children in a candy store just to excited to stand still!! the five of us had so much fun watching each other being "part of the show" with the Mickey lifts and the couldron! I was so high, but it was too windy so I didn't go all the way up but hey it was still totally awesome!! I love my life here at Disney!! My job rocks too!! Love takin pics of the caslte and the caracters!! Oh and Wednesday night our group of peeps went back and watched Fantasmic and was so excited to know more and watch with a different eye this time!! I know I lead a tough life right? haha Jk! :D
Stay tuned I am going to try and get better at this blogging thing!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Kim says I don't blog enough so......

Well apparently I don't get on here enough and Kimberly keeps bugging me about it so here it goes, just for you sister......

So life here in Florida has been really fun and exciting! Photopass is simply amazing and am loving almost every moment of it! I am now character trained so I get to take pictures of the characters too! So far I have worked with Pinocchio, Perla and Maleficent...yeah thats right Maleficent, it was so cool and I was like oh my goodness you rock my socks!! I love my job, I get to work with little children and families who are so happy to be here and seeing the castle for the first time oh man it's amazing! Oh and I watch parades and firworks who wouldn't wouldn't love my job! Anywho Tiauna and I are pretty crazy and have had some awesome adventures and Wendi too, we like to goto the movies at least once a week or at least try too. I got to go to the temple a few weeks back and it was beautiful! It had been awhile since I head been and it was greatly needed and apprecitiated! I started my new entertainment class last week and so far its so cool, I will be learning some secrets on disney shows!! Yeah baby!
Marilee is coming this week and we are gunna have a blast with her... and Andy Chelsey and Cali are coming in a month and I am supper super excited for them to come!!!! If only Abby was old enough to come so Kim and John could come too.... Someday!!

Well here are some pics from some adventures...