Saturday, October 24, 2009

Why the heck do I have one of these???

Oh yes I remember because I wanted to keep in touch with the world, but have I? No! Man I a lame I guess. To bad I doesn't bother me that much. As you can see all the remorse I am feeling for it. Anywho let's see where am I? I am back I Thatcher going to school and having a pretty darn good time except for being one of the older ones now. I guess that is what you get for not finishing, leavin, and then coming back. I am keepin myself pretty pretty busy with all that I am doing especially in the music department. I just love being in Choirs galore here. Mar and I are in Company and the Quartet together. Suprisingly we haven't ripped each others heads off. haha just kidding we get along just great here at school. :D This week is fall sing and I am way excited to perform! Hide and seek is kickin our butts but it will be worth it. If you can I would come on Thursday, Friday or Saturday to see Fall Sing cause it's gunna rock! Love it!

Oh yeah I just got back this past weekend from a little trip to Florida to work for a few days. I just love that place. Disney just has a special place in my heart. I loved seeing everyone that is still there and seeing all the reactions of suprise when they saw me. A few of my closer photopass friends nearly flipped when they saw me. I just loved it. I just love the Halloween season over there. The decorations, the music, the special Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Parties are jsut so fun! I got to go last year and again this year and just had so much fun with my friends and all the halloween fun that goes on there. But now back to real life at school, I got to run away to fantasy land for a little bit. I also got to see my new nephew before I left for Florida, Treyson is just so cute! I got to see all three of my nieces and nephew that night. I just love life! :D