Thursday, July 16, 2009

Life is Good!

Ok so really I am horrible at this thing! I am such a forgetful person sometimes.... I am gunna still try and be better! Here goes....

So I have been home from Florida for a good chunk of time now, since May 25th to be exact, and I have really missed it alot! I am sure that I wouldn't last there right now cause of the humidity, so I am grateful to be here in Arizona! I have kept myself very busy this summer with another round of EFY and I have loved every bit of it. Before I left for my first four weeks of EFY my Dad informed me that I was going to a grand opening party at Toby Keith's new resturant and was going to a meet and greet with Toby so I was like OK why not!! :D So I got to go meet Toby Keith, it was cool and all but I would rather meet other peeps, but hey I will take any famous people to meet! ;)

Then I headed off to Ephraim Utah for a week and it was a tiny session of 80 youth and I had all of the younger ones under my watch that week. Itwas so different to have such a small group for a session but it ended up so amazing. Then it was off to Flagstaff for 2 weeks for much bigger sessions. I missed a family reunion in Utah but my fam came and stopped by on their way up to say HI!! I loved seeing them. Yet again I was with the 14-15 year olds and I was ready for some older ones but those didn't come until I went to Thatcher that next week. Finally when the Thatcher session came I got to have the older chillens, yay for 16-18 year olds!! For some reason I just can reach them more, but whatever works! I just love working EFY! I have two more weeks in Vegas starting next week yeah baby!!

Thatcher ended on the 4th of July so I drove home to go to the Riding family swim and BBQ. I feel like I had not been to a family function in like forever... oh wait that is because I haven't (that's what you get when you move awat for a while:D)!! Anywho it was great spendin time with the fam eatin good food and getting in the water. Oh I love Swimming!! It really has been great being here at home with the family. I get to see my beautiful nieces alot and I just love it! Abby is just geting so big and i just love holding her and playing with her! Cali is just as fun as ever just coming over and spending the day with me at my house! Love em both so much! I like being lazy sometimes too! :D
Ok well this has been long so I will cut it off here and write some more later and catch you all up later and put some pics up here too! peacfe out boy scouts!! :D