Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Little Catch Up

I am absolutely terrible at this, but I really want to try and be better about this so that my family and friends who are not near can catch up on our lives. Most of these will probably be thumb written while I feed the baby, so forgive me ahead of time for any grammatical or other errors. Here we go...

Life has changed drastically since I last posted and I will give you a quick summary of the last couple years.

-Jeff finally finished his Animation Degree at BYU last summer.

-The senior film that Jeff worked on won 1st place for animation in the College Television Awards aka Student Emmys. So we drove to LA at the end of April.

-It also won 1st for the Student Academy awards. We went to LA again in June and stopped by the beach and Disneyland.

-We moved back to Thatcher, with Jeff's parents, in July.

-We found out we were pregnant a month before we moved to AZ and were totally surprised and excited. It took us 2 years, I guess we just needed to be done with the stress of school first.

-Had a great summer in AZ going back and forth between Mesa and Thatcher visiting family while the baby bump grew and waiting for Jeff to find a job.

-Jeff got a job in LA at a small studio called Sprite Animation at the beginning of October and left me behind while he found us housing.

-I lived with my parents for the month of October, while Jeff started work and looked for housing. We lived through a renovation at their house. You just got to love when pipes burst. It was a fun adventure as a pregnant woman. So glad I got to spend so much time with family.

-Jeff finally found us an apartment at the end of October and I moved out to LA on the 1st of November. Our family brought us a few loads of our stuff over the next few weeks.

-Jeff's family came out for Thanksgiving weekend and we went to the beach.

-We spent the first part of our Christmas holiday in AZ for a baby shower and family parties and then came back to LA for our own Christmas and New Year's celebration.

-Our baby girl was born February 6th 2015. Her name is Olivia Lynn. She is our everything! I will have another post about her birth.

-Olivia was blessed in the middle of March and some of our family was able to come.

-We are now just enjoying our life with this new addition of smiles and less sleep. Babies are amazing things!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Year 2012 in Review Part 1

Well... here I am again falling way behind in the world of blogs and now I need to play a little catch up. Mainly so that I can have this blog be some what of a journal for me. So here goes 2012 in review.

Well nothing to big happened at the beginning of the year, Just typical Provo/BYU married student life. I was still working with the BYU ARTS Partnership as a VISTA and Jeff was still working hard in the Animation Program and loving it! For Valentine's Day we accidentally discovered this AMAZING Italian restaurant in downtown Provo. It's called Gloria's Little Italy. Let's just say we have been there a few times since.

April came and I was done with my year of service with VISTA, so I decided to go home to visit my family in AZ for a bit. Luckily it just so happened my cousin, Sara, was getting married while I was home. It was such a beautiful ceremony in the Mesa Temple and was so thankful to be there to see it. My family was heavily involved in the planning/decorating of the reception and it was fun to help with that. My sister also made 500 cupcakes for the party, so I was given the task to frost them. Yikes my hands hurt after, but it was well worth it. I love to make cupcakes and cakes! It was a beautiful weekend for a wedding and I loved seeing all of my family. Before I headed back to Utah, my sister Wendi and I took a very quick trip to Disneyland to use the very last of my comp tickets. It was fun and enjoyable to spend some time with my sis! I still need to track down some pics so those with be added soon.

 In May we were able to watch the Eclipse with our cool glasses and then a few weeks later we got to see Venus crossing the sun too. They are some pretty cool glasses! We were able to watch them both with some great friends in the ward. We absolutely love our married student ward here. We have been blessed with great friends in our ward and will very sad the day we have to leave. Here are some fun pictures that Jeff took.

Next came June and this is one of most favorite months, because it is our anniversary and Jeff's birthday. So it is filled planning and so much fun! Well first for Jeff's birthday, Jeff-a-fest, he got to choose where he wanted to eat and of course he wanted to go to Gloria's! Yummy! Then we went to Nickle City and had a most marvelous time playing tons of games and winning lots of prizes!  We had a mini slumber party and we pulled our mattress into the front room and played video games and watched movies. Then he got his cupcakes and presents. Fun memories were made by all involved.

 One of the best desserts at Gloria's

His design that I put on a shirt.
Opening his Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver. Can't you tell how excited he is!

This year we celebrated our 2nd Anniversary and we had a marvelous time. I found this sweet deal on for an Inn in Ogden and we decided to go for our anniversary. It was such a cute little place up the canyon each room was a separate little cabin. Very peaceful and there was warm breakfast brought to our room. I think that was Jeff's favorite part haha! We then stopped on our way home and watched BRAVE. What a great movie! I feel so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man who spoils me so much! We have so much fun together and he is mine FOREVER!! :)

 There was some Martinelli's and cookies in our room when we arrived

To Be Continued...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Family Pictures

So these are all from last summer, but I thought it would be nice to put some up. I just recently got my hands on a few of these. Enjoy! 

The Jones Family

The Jones Gals

The Men of the Jones Clan

All The Jones Ladies

The Wee Little Ones

The Original Jones Fam

Jeff's Mother's Extended Family

Jeff's Cousins and Grand Parents

The Raines Family

Jeff and His Brother Taylor

The Happy Couple 

Jeff's Parents

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adventure Is Out There

We absolutely love the movie UP! It is our relationship for sure, I am the loud one and Jeff is the shy one. I guess that dynamic really works well. hahaha :)  We heard that a builder here in Utah got permission from Disney to use the design of the house and built a house that looks just like the house in UP. Since we love the movie so much, we just had to go. It is about 10 mins from the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and we were going for my cousin's endowments on a Saturday morning, we went after the session and stopped by not knowing they were still doing tours. We just wanted a picture of the outside, but a lady came out and asked us if we wanted to come in. So we were way excited to go in!! Here are a few pics.  Sadly we didn't have a real camera with us, only our phones. A family just bought the house and moved in Jan 4th.