Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Back....

Or should I say, we're back!! Yes we, because I am MARRIED!!! Jeff and I were married on a glorious, HOT day in June. June 25th that is. Anywho this is just a short post saying... HEY! Look Tiffany is writing on her blog again after almost a whole year of not posting anything.

Jeff and I moved to Provo, UT so he can attend BYU. Never thought I would live so close to the Y, but here I am. Yikes! I am in the middle of job searching... boo!!! I am not a fan of looking for a job, hopefully one comes soon. I will be updating more I promise! (especially for you Kim! haha) love ya sis!! Well that's it for now, but more is soon to come from the TJR* adventures here in Provo!

*for any one who doesn't know Jeff and I have the same initials now! Cute, I know!!! ;)

Love Ya'll!!