Thursday, May 7, 2015

A Little Catch Up

I am absolutely terrible at this, but I really want to try and be better about this so that my family and friends who are not near can catch up on our lives. Most of these will probably be thumb written while I feed the baby, so forgive me ahead of time for any grammatical or other errors. Here we go...

Life has changed drastically since I last posted and I will give you a quick summary of the last couple years.

-Jeff finally finished his Animation Degree at BYU last summer.

-The senior film that Jeff worked on won 1st place for animation in the College Television Awards aka Student Emmys. So we drove to LA at the end of April.

-It also won 1st for the Student Academy awards. We went to LA again in June and stopped by the beach and Disneyland.

-We moved back to Thatcher, with Jeff's parents, in July.

-We found out we were pregnant a month before we moved to AZ and were totally surprised and excited. It took us 2 years, I guess we just needed to be done with the stress of school first.

-Had a great summer in AZ going back and forth between Mesa and Thatcher visiting family while the baby bump grew and waiting for Jeff to find a job.

-Jeff got a job in LA at a small studio called Sprite Animation at the beginning of October and left me behind while he found us housing.

-I lived with my parents for the month of October, while Jeff started work and looked for housing. We lived through a renovation at their house. You just got to love when pipes burst. It was a fun adventure as a pregnant woman. So glad I got to spend so much time with family.

-Jeff finally found us an apartment at the end of October and I moved out to LA on the 1st of November. Our family brought us a few loads of our stuff over the next few weeks.

-Jeff's family came out for Thanksgiving weekend and we went to the beach.

-We spent the first part of our Christmas holiday in AZ for a baby shower and family parties and then came back to LA for our own Christmas and New Year's celebration.

-Our baby girl was born February 6th 2015. Her name is Olivia Lynn. She is our everything! I will have another post about her birth.

-Olivia was blessed in the middle of March and some of our family was able to come.

-We are now just enjoying our life with this new addition of smiles and less sleep. Babies are amazing things!