Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Oh YAY!! Finally behind a camera!!

So today was my first day of photo pass training and I absolutely loved it!! Seriously I have been waiting for like EVER to start it since I found out that I transferring from lifeguarding!! I took my tour of Magic Kingdom yesterday and it was fun just seeing the park before hours and when it opens and then meet a bunch of my DPI people! I started training at Hollywood Studios, cause apparently all photo pass training starts there, who would of thought that! Anyway I love it so far and can't wait to learn more and start taking pictures for real!! :D

My roomie is basically awesome!! Me and Tiauna have so much being pretty random!! Our apartment is slowly gettin some life onthe walls... hehe we have themed rooms... pictures will come later! We miss having a TV( might get a cheap one soon. we shall see), but we love to watch movies on our laptops! We just move our beds to where we can see it in our room. I am pretty sure it looks funny when it happens but we love it anyways!! It is going to be a great semester! Oh and I love having my sister here too! She has already done alot for me!! Thanks Sis!! Yay baby Abby is 5 lbs now!! I wish I could be there when she comes home and I want to hold here so bad! I can't wait to she her and Cali in May!

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