Friday, August 14, 2009

Get up you lazy bum!!!

So I am done with all of my summer activities and I have become somewhat lazy!! Laziness and I have a love hate relationship.... meaning I love being lazy at times but hate the feeling of being lazy too long! Especially after working EFY I hate feeling useless, cause we were working or moving like all the time. But hey it's life I guess, my six weeks of EFY this summer were basically amazing with few times where I didn't like it. I met so many wonderful people, saw tons of my old peeps and loved it! But yeah with the constant movement there and then comin home to kind of relax is a slightly wierd feeling! I ate too much cafeteria and junk food this summer with all of my youth and now is the time to get up off my lazy bum and get active again and have a slightly more normal schedule at school. Where am I going to school you may ask.... well duh I am heading back to T-town and going to EAC! I know I know, "you already spent 2 years there!" Welp I am not quite done there and I still need to figure out what I want to do so I will return to EAC for another year finish up there and decide what to do next! Plus I really miss singin so what the hey why not go back!! :D Thatcher has a special place in my heart!!

P.S. I really really miss Disney and all my Disney Peeps! (you know who you all are!!)

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  1. I miss you tons!!! I want to go play in the parks with you again!!