Thursday, May 5, 2011

Married Life in Provo...

Well we have survived our first winter here in Provo. Let's just say snow and I are not the best of friends. I will not last long living in the snow, but I will be here as long as Jeff needs to be. It's may and the snow has finally stopped and it feels like spring and I love it!!

I started a new job in April and so far so great. I am working with the BYU ARTS Partnership. It's basically a program that teaches teachers how to incorporate the arts in their classrooms. Sadly the arts are getting pushed out of schools and this is one of the many programs working hard to keep arts in school. I do a bunch of the behind the scene stuff for the different conferences put on. I get to walk to work most days, which saves us a bunch on gas! YAY!

Jeff is done with the normal school year, but is now taking a few classes during the spring semester. By the way the spring and summer semesters are like squished into a 3 1/2 month time so if you miss one week its like missing a month of a regular semester. He is also waiting to hear back on if he made it into the Animation Program at BYU, which is super competitive! Around 200 people apply every year and like only 20-25 make it in each year. Let's just hope he gets in his first time around. Jeff works for the grounds crew at BYU right now, currently we are looking for a new student position for him so he doesn't have to shovel snow at 4 in the morning this next winter. I did not enjoy waking up to those phone calls at 3:30 am!

Married life has been pretty darn awesome so far! Our stakes just got realigned and now no more BYU in our ward and stake names. We were the BYU 109th ward and now our new name is now, drumroll please......... the Prove Married Student 12th ward. How will that look on a tithing slip?? haha Jeff joke that he will put the PMS 12th ward. Silly Jefferson. Our ward seems to be a bit smaller now. We will just have to see this coming Sunday now won't we. Luckily church is at noon so I can still sleep in on my weekends. Happy sleepy time for me! Anywho thats about for now. I will post some pictures from the last few months since I haven't been on for a while. I have made it a goal to post more often now. I promise Kim! :) haha

Sorry they are all out of order, but I am too lazy to fix the order. You get the idea. The disney pics are from our honeymoon to Disney World in August. Enjoy the pics!

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