Thursday, January 5, 2012

Adventure Is Out There

We absolutely love the movie UP! It is our relationship for sure, I am the loud one and Jeff is the shy one. I guess that dynamic really works well. hahaha :)  We heard that a builder here in Utah got permission from Disney to use the design of the house and built a house that looks just like the house in UP. Since we love the movie so much, we just had to go. It is about 10 mins from the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and we were going for my cousin's endowments on a Saturday morning, we went after the session and stopped by not knowing they were still doing tours. We just wanted a picture of the outside, but a lady came out and asked us if we wanted to come in. So we were way excited to go in!! Here are a few pics.  Sadly we didn't have a real camera with us, only our phones. A family just bought the house and moved in Jan 4th.

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