Monday, April 20, 2009

yikes.. one month left!!!!

So I have like less then a month here and I still have so much I want to do!! Sorry I like never get on here. I Loved having my family here a few weeks back and I will blog about those adventures as soon as Wendi lets me steal the pics off her computer! But on with life.... I am loving it here but am still pretty frustrated cause I don't know what I am doing this summer cause nobody has decided to be on time with their emails and junk so my summer is still up in the air and I am not a fan of that!! I haven't had my entertainment class the past two Tuesdays due to spring break and that has been killer just cause I miss those fun times and the peeps who are in the crazy class with me! So I am excited to go back tomorrow and see everyone! I am also way excited for tomorrow because of girls night at the Grand!!! Yay Partay!!!

Ok so I love my job right! I had some exciting times at work last week cause I found out that two of my pics from the last two weeks were pics of the week one posted on the wall and then another one in a PASS book that has to do with character meet and greets! The book apparently is made up of pics from both Disneyland and World and one of my Donald shots was chosen!! Yay!! So apparently I am doing things right here in the photography world!! Love It!!! Oh and I finally got to go back into the Princess room in Toon town and got to work with Belle and Sleeping Beauty! It is so much fun back there.... usually I stay in the front of the park and play with the characters up there and take pics of the beautiful castle! I am going to work back there more before I leave and if I am lucky enough I will get to work with the fairies too! Oh yay for Disney fun!

Oh and Church yesterday was an adventure too... let's just say I miss having a real piano at my finger tips! Man! Ok so my friend Brittany asked my at the dance on Friday night if i could play the piano for her on Sunday and I was like sure we just needed to get to church early so we could run through the song a few times. Everything was going great that morning, the keyboard at first wasn't reacting to the petal like it should but then we fix that and all was fine and the page turn wasn't and issue either. So then we get up to perform and we start off great you know.... and then the page turn happens....dun du dun.... and the book falls and hits a button and a demo starts playing and I am like oh no!!! I am frantically trying to find which button to turn it off and I hit a few and finally found it what seemed like a min was only like 3 seconds but Brittney was trying not to laugh as we continue through Where Can I Turn For Peace and I was so embarrassed! I could see giggles coming from some people in the congregation. Oh man it was a glorious yet very embarrassing moment for me and Brittany! I am not quite sure what I think of it yet but what the hay, it don't matter life is something to laugh through so yeah! We all were laughing the rest oh the time at church about it, so i am glad we could bring joy to the faces of those at church! You know you all loved it! And if you weren't there you missed out!
Well I have more stories but they will have to come later!! Peace out my friends!! oh and pics are coming soon too!!


  1. yeah, i seriously was about to crack up laughing at the mishap at times and then bro. raper announcing that they made special arrangements to watch bed time stories...that movie sucks...(i am really giggling about that last comment about the movie sucking) cause in all reality it does really suck. keep up the good work.

  2. Proud of you daughter, you are a chip off the old block. Everyone needs an embarrassing moment on the piano playing in church or concert. I love you. Call Me!!!!!Mom

    Please enjoy the grand for me!