Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am CP No More!!! Hahaha!!

I made it to the end! I am no longer a Disney CP, I am now a Seasonal Disney World Cast Member! Yahoo! It's so weird to to think that my program is now over! I don't think I can fathom it! Arizona I will be home soon!
So Tiauna left last Saturday so I have been living all alone the last few days and I am not a fan of living alone, so I know I can ever really live alone! I miss my Ducky!! We had some good times and had fun partying her last few days. Last night we went to the Hoop De Do Revue at Fort Wilderness and it was so Hilarious!!! I seriously think they had to roll us out of there cause we ate tons of food!
Today was my last day workin as a CP and it was a marvelous day! I worked inside all day, which was good and bad. Good cause it rained and bad cause I never touched a camera, but I still had tons of Fun! It was also really really good cause randomly today one of my managers came up to me and was like "Congrats you have been chosen as April's Photographer of the month" and I was like "WHAT!?!? You have got to be kidding!!" So they took a picture, gave me a certificate and now some of the pics I took are hanging on the wall with a pic of me saying that I am the winner!! So apparently I am still doing something right! Yay!!!
Life is Great!!! Sorry to cut it short but more will come..... I have to go finish packing!! Love ya!!

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  1. Yeah, miss you. Don't like that you are no longer a CP...